Strategic Thinking.

Agile Development.

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Jaybird is an agile development shop. We work closely with our clients to address their specific needs. We help them understand their options and craft a strategy before we write a single line of code.

Our Clients

Our Work

The people behind the magic

Jaybird Group consists of talented, highly skilled design and development professionals who work collaboratively to accomplish projects with tight budgets and tight timelines.

J. Scott Landers Principal

Jennifer Landers Principal

Mike Healy Executive Vice President, Solutions

Jeff Grill Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing

Travis Brown Vice President, Technology

Kathleen Huss Account Manager

Olga Brown Product Manager

Matt Klinker Solutions Architect

Andrew Kovalenko Senior Software Engineer

Oleg Kholodok Senior Designer

Maksim Smovzyuk Senior Software Engineer

Peter Jashchenko Software Engineer

Lena Ivashkovets Software Engineer

Artyom Garbuzenko Software Engineer

Valeria Teslya Designer

Alina Skoropad Designer

Andrey Spivakov Software Engineer

Artem Bezruk Software Engineer

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